SCP-087-B is a very very small linear game, it doesn't need a wiki. A wiki for it can't even make more then 50 pages! (this only includes pages that are for the game, such as characters, events - which multiple pages just for each singular event is cheating, and rooms, and making a page for Kevin MacLeod just because Reg used a couple of tracks from him also doesn't count) That shows that a wiki DOESN'T need to be made for it. There's already a page for SCP-087-B on the SCP: Containment Breach Wikia and SCP Containment Breach Gamepedia wiki, which is all the game needs. Another problem is that there are SEVERAL SCP-087-B wikis, now I'm fine with someone making another wiki for a game - aslong as it's an IMRPOVEMENT. This wiki is not an improvement on the past SCP-087-B wikis. Not only this, but after looking around - you basically STOLE everything from the SCP-087-B page on the SCP:CB wiki.

And as a note, I am basically the person who made that page so I'm not happy with this at all.

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